Pettit and Sevitt produced some pioneering house designs known as lowlime or Japanese Californian during the late 60s and 70s in Sydney. The following photos illustrate their unique features:

Note how the rake of carport’s roof compliments the house’s roof angle.

Clean lines of kitchen with an attractive tileworked benchtop and view of the outside garden.

Long narrow windws from roof line to ground level - the Japanese manner.

Lounge room – bringing the outside inside. Note timber patio.

At the time of release in the 1970s much of Sydney’s residential land was steep in outlying suburbs.
Pettit and Sevitt designed their houses to make the most of such blocks; particularly bushland views.

Another example of the pettit and Sevitt style.

Advertisement 1967

A 2 storey house with cantilevered balconies