1 Who was Henry George and what was his importance to Australia's property tax system?

2 What is meant by unearned and earned increments?

3 Why is it necessary to have statutory assumptions and conditions in the definition of a property tax value?

4 What is meant by prairie value? Is the concept applicable to the valuation of rural lands with dense virgin timber for property tax purposes?

5 Discuss and compare the property tax system in your state with that in any other state.

6 What is a worsement and how does it relate to the value of land for property tax purposes?

7 Provide 3 examples of special adaptability and show how the concept is used to arrive at the highest and best use.

8 Discuss and analyze the following taxes using the criteria of "good taxation"
covered in this part:

9 Analyze and discuss a progressive tax system using marginal utility arguments

10 The proponents of using improved values are generally overseas and have had little experience in the use of a land tax system. Commonly they argue, that there is no advantage in them switching to a land value system. Coming from a land tax system which has been established 70 odd years, I see things from the opposite direction. Since improved value systems cost about 6 10 times more than a land value system, the proponents of an improved value system have to convince me that their system is that much better. So far they have failed!.

Discuss the above quotation using the system applicable in your state or territory as a case study.

11 What is the fiscal cadastre and why is it important in the property tax system?

12 Land taxes have been supported as a means for the "breaking up" of large rural properties. How can a property tax do this? Is such an objective desirable today?

13 What were the objectives of California's Proposition 13? Were these achieved?

Do the disadvantages outweigh the advantages?

14 Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a buoyant property tax system

15 Water authorities particularly, are changing to a user pays system of revenue raising.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this trend.

1 6 Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having a central property tax department independent of other government departments.