The normal ongoing activities at a workplace should not cause noise levels in excess of the limits set by the National Occupational Health & Safety Commission's National Standard for Occupational Noise (NOHSC:1007 (1993)). The objective of a Occupational Noise policy should be to achieve compliance with the Worksafe Australia Standard for Occupational Noise. The National Standard for exposure to noise in the workplace is an average daily level of 85 decibels (A - weighted). For peak noise incidents, the National Standard is 140 decibels (peak linear level). These levels are defined as the maximum acceptable levels for noise. The objective should be to reduce noise exposures wherever practical.


Employers' responsibilities are in accordance with the Standard to ensure that:


Employees' responsibilities in accordance with the Standard are to comply with all statutory requirements and established workplace procedures, and cooperate, as far as they are capable, in all activities which have as their objective the protection of hearing at work and the minimisation of occupational noise-induced hearing loss.


The requirements to meet the objectives of the Standard are an essential and integral component of: