The size of the shed is measured by the number of stands used for example, a "3 stand shed" and is valued on $x/ stand used. There should be about 1 stand for every 1 600 sheep shorn and the shed should be big enough to hold 1 day's shearing which is about 40 m2 per shearer. Good natural light is an advantage. The floor should be well above ground level to allow sheep storage underneath particularly, in wet weather. Shearing sheds for smaller holdings should be of a more flexible design for example, to allow the storage of fodder for a large part of the year.

The diagram shows a modern designs for a 3 stand shed. If the subject shearing shed does not meet the efficiency of these designs its value should be discounted through functional obsolescence.

Sometimes an old woolshed is too large as it was built when the property was larger. For example, some old woolsheds were originally part of the old runs which were very large properties but have subsequently been subdivided into a number of smaller properties.  Although an old shed may have the capacity for 12 stands only 3 are being used. Therefore, the shed is valued as a 3 stand shed.

Some of the excess space may have value for storage purposes but the best evidence is whether or not the owner is utilizing that space. Old shearing sheds suffer a large amount of functional and economic depreciation because of inefficient and obsolete design. They are an example of overcapitalization.


Shearers, shed hands, and other rural employees must be properly accommodated and such accommodation needs to conform to the
statutory requirements. A family farm may have below standard accommodation because the quarters are never fully utilized. Therefore, the valuer will discount their value according to the cost of bringing the accommodation up to standard.

Separate accommodation must be provided for the cooking of meals and dining purposes. The sleeping accommodation for cooks and their assistants must be separate from the other workers but may adjoin the kitchen if there is an unbroken partition between them. Every kitchen, dining room and store room should be completely fly proof.


shearing shed 2 stand
shearing shed 3 stand
shearing shed raised shearing board