Unenclosed covered area. The sum of all such areas at all building floor levels, including roofed balconies, open verandahs, porches and porticos, attached open covered ways alongside buildings, undercrofts and usable space under buildings, unenclosed access galleries (including ground floor) and any other trafficable areas of the building which are not totally enclosed by full height walls. Computed by measuring the area between the enclosing walls or balustrade (ie from the inside face of the UCA excluding the wall or balustrade thickness).

When the covering element (ie roof or upper floor) is supported by columns, is cantilevered or suspended, or any combination of these, the measurements shall be taken to the edge of the paving or to the edge of the cover, whichever is the lesser. UCA shall not include eaves overhangs, sun shading, awnings and the like where these do not relate to clearly defined trafficable covered areas, nor shall it include connecting or isolated covered ways. (See NPWC).