Machinery sheds should have close proximity to roads and the homestead but otherwise, are located near the centre of the property for convenience and ease of working. However, often the positioning of access points to services such as water, power, and telephone will dictate the position of the buildings.

If sheds are too large and not fully utilized they represent overcapitalisation and only have value for the part used. All weather roads are particularly important on black soil plains or land prone to flooding.

Haysheds should be of sufficient height and width to allow the easy entry of a fully loaded wagon. Some haysheds are fully open but there should be a wall on the weather side.

Dairies and other specialist buildings where foodstuffs for human consumption are handled or processed are required by law to be a minimum distance from feeding stalls, stables, piggeries, and other contaminating influences. The valuer should determine whether or not

Machinery sheds should have good height to allow modern high machines commonly used on farms today. Further, they should be quite substantial as they are used for storage and repairs and perhaps, the farm office.