Residential land lease community home owners 

In a land lease community, you own the home but lease the land on which the home sits from the community operator. The home may be a manufactured home or a moveable dwelling such as a caravan. You pay site fees (rent) for the right to occupy the site.

Even when a community has a rule that residents must be over a certain age to live there, it is not a retirement village. All land lease communities are covered by the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013. Previously they came under the Residential Parks Act 1998.

There are close to 500 land lease communities in New South Wales, accommodating about 34,000 residents. They offer a variety of services, facilities and financial arrangements. Some cater only to permanent home owners. Others have a mixture of tourists, tenants and long-term casual occupants. There are also different types of operators within the industry, ranging from large corporations to small family businesses.

Current and prospective home owners can explore the following topics in this section:

Different laws apply to tenants who are renting a home from the operator or another person in a land lease community.

Register of land lease communities

The residential land lease communities register lists all land lease communities registered with NSW Fair Trading. Prospective residents can use it to search for specific communities or to identify communities in a certain post code or local government area. The register also records any disciplinary or enforcement action taken against a community operator by NSW Fair Trading.

To search for a land lease community, go to the Accommodation Registers Page.

A profile of the land lease community industry has been put together from the details stored on the register. The profile contains a range of information, including the general location of land lease communities and the number of residents in each locality.

View or download Land Lease Community Industry Profile in PDF format (size: 651 kb)

Forms and publications

To view and download the mandatory forms and publications for residential land lease communities, visit the Forms section of our website.