Surfaces devoted to the movement of goods and persons, generally in vehicles (that are not on fixed tracks); includes footways and bicycleways.

Expressway: A highway principally for through traffic, Main with full or partial control of access and generally with grade separation at interchanges.
Freeway: A road designed for high speed through traffic, with divided carriageways, full control of access, and with grade separation at all intersections.
Arterial road: A general term for a major connecting road, providing a main traffic route.
Radial: Converge on the C.B.D.
ring: Roughly concentric roads permitting traffic to avoid the central area.
Access: Those which provide access to properties.
Service: Ancillary and parallel to highways for safe access to dwellings, shops and other buildings.
Distributor (Collector): Connecting main roads to access roads.