The Residential Flat Design Code is a resource to enable councils, planners, developers and architects to improve residential flat design.

The Code sets broad parameters for good residential flat design by illustrating the use of development controls and consistent guidelines.

The Design Code supports the ten design quality principles identified in State Environmental Planning Policy No. 65 — Design Quality of Residential Flat Development. It supplies detailed information about how development proposals can achieve these principles.

With the other Design Quality Program initiatives, the Residential Flat Design Code provides comprehensive guidance to improving the design quality of residential flat buildings.
To read the Design Code, click on links to the following chapters:
Introduction (pdf file)
Part 1. Local context Part 2. Site design Part 3. Building design Appendices (pdf file) - contains Appendix 1: SEPP 65 Design Quality Principles; Appendix 2: Pre-development application recommendations; Appendix 3: Development application recommendations; Appendix 4: Local context analysis
Glossary (pdf file) - contains references and further reading, acknowledgements and image credits