It is normal and appropriate for clients requiring frequent reports, to appoint panel Valuers to whom standing instructions may be issued and with whom, in some instances, a service contract may be entered into. Model Standing Instructions can be found in the Client Focus section of 'Professional Practice' published by the API.

Instructions for individual reports are normally provided in "writing". Any instructions transmitted electronically should be produced in a hard copy form for retention in the Valuer's file. Any instructions provided verbally in the first instance should be confirmed in "writing" by the client, or failing that, it would be prudent for the Valuer to confirm the instructions in "writing" and retain a file copy.

While a Valuer can in due course produce a report after being provided with very little information by the client, considerable extra time and cost will be involved for the Valuer in ascertaining necessary detail. Where some information is not readily available to the Valuer, the report may be "qualified" to the extent of that information. Where necessary information is already in the hands of the lender, its provision to the Valuer should enhance the reliability of the report. One of the purposes of the short form report however, is to facilitate an expedited, cost effective report.

To achieve these benefits, as much of the following information and documentation as possible should be provided in or with the instructions for a Residential Valuation and Security Assessment. Some of the information may be obtainable by the intending borrower from the selling agent where the property is for sale.

the valuer. A special fee may be appropriate for perusal of any substantial extra documentation.
See valuation report