1 Why are good communications between the valuer and client so important for the valuation profession today?

2 What is professional indemnity cover? Why is it necessary? Are there any other alternatives?

3 What is meant by "sufficiency of instructions"? Sufficient for the client, valuer or both?

4 Why determine an assignment plan? What are the advantages and disadvantages of preplanning a valuation assignment?

5 What factors determine the timeline of a valuation assignment? Are there critical factors that cannot be changed under any condition?

6 When should the fee be negotiated with the client? How are fees determined?

7 What is the position of the Trade Practices Act (Cth) and Fair Trading Acts (states and territories) on the setting of valuers' fees?

8 When should the assignment be confirmed with the client?

9 What other and necessary factors have to be taken into account by a valuer who delegates the assignment to other valuers and/or professionals?

10 List the advantages and disadvantages of the sole operator compared to a large valuation firm when carrying out valuation assignments?

11 What effect has privacy legislation had on the valuation system? How has it affected the collection of information such as sales and rentals?