1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of preplanning the inspection of the subject property?

2. What effect can a tenancy in the property have on value? How does the valuer ascertain the status of a tenancy?

3. Why is the legal description the ultimate identifier of a house to be valued? What problems can exist with other identifiers?

4. Which authority would you approach to ascertain the proper zoning and controls over development on the subject site?

5. Why does the valuer require legitimate access to the property?

6. Should the measurements be scaled on a plan? What are the advantages and disadvantages of drawing a scale plan of the subject property?

7. Why are measurements and area in the valuation report qualified with "about"?

8. Should the valuer climb into the roof and inspect the ceiling joists?

9. Why is it important to properly store and/or archive field notes?

10. Why do the courts take a great deal of interest in your field notes if there is a dispute on value? Because of this, what precautions should you take in keeping and changing the field notes?