Farm business profit is a measure of the internal funds available for new investment. It takes into account the value of the buildup or decline in inventories, imputed costs of depreciation and operator and family labour. The average broadacre farm cash income of $37 300 for 1992-93 translates into an average farm business loss of $10 500. It is the 3rd consecutive year in which average broadacre farm business profit has been negative.
About 46% of dairy farms, about 12% of sheep specialists, and about 59% in the wheat and other crops industry are expected to earn a profit in 1992-93. A little over 25% of all broadacre farms are expected to make a farm business profit in 1992-92.

Although all broadacre shows a drop in income in 192-93 the distribution is very similar to previous years. The greatest variation have occurred for "wheat and other crops" and "mixed livestock-crops" both of which show a very irregular curves for 1992-93. The next largest variation occurs for "sheep-beef" but "sheep" and "beef" both have similar distributions to previous years.
All the distributions have a long tail towards high incomes and as would be expected very few farms enjoy these large income levels.