environment  design guideline (edg)

The award winning BDP Environment Design Guide (EDG) is a comprehensive source of information on environmental issues, specifically tailored to the needs of Australian building and planning design professionals.

It provides reliable, practical information, allowing practitioners to make educated, environmentally responsible decisions during the early phases of design, where the greatest environmental benefits can be effected with the least cost.

The guide can be used in conjunction with the Your Home technical manual. You will find references to EDG throughout the technical fact sheets. EDG provides more in-depth discussions and solutions to the issues raised within these fact sheets.

EDG is a subscription based journal that is updated throughout the year. Since its inception in 1995, subscribers have received 24 notes per annum in four issues, on a broad range of relevant environmental issues and design solutions. Each note is authored by an authority in the field and reviewed by practitioners and experts to ensure it is both accurate and accessible. Case studies showcase and critique the very best in Australian environmental design.

EDG is a useful tool for all design disciplines, and includes material specifically aimed at:

  1. Architects

  2. Engineers

  3. Landscape Architects

  4. Planners

  5. Quantity Surveyors

EDG is produced by the Australian Council of Building Design Professions (BDP), a peak body for design professionals, representing:

    1. Association of Consulting Architects

    2. Association of Consulting Engineers Australia

    3. Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

    4. Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors

    5. Institution of Engineers Australia

    6. Royal Australian Institute of Architects

    7. 7. Royal Australian Planning Institute