crises accommodation


A considerable number of community organisations provide crisis accommodation and support services to people in need including people with disabilities, survivors of domestic violence, homeless youth and people recovering from alcohol and drug use. The ACT Government, through the ACT Housing Trust and in accordance. As with the Housing Assistance Act 1987 and the 1989 Commonwealth State Housing Agreement (CSHA), provides both accommodation and financial assistance to community oganisations to provide crisis accommodation. The Housing Trust also directly provides crisis accommodation to people in need in particular through the operation of Jerrabomberra House. Crisis accommodation may be provided for a days, weeks or months. Support services may be provided with accommodation with the aim of enabling the person in need to find permanent accommodation independently or through other community Housing measures. Accommodation may be in a group house setting or in a hostel, for single people, couples or families.

Crisis accommodation is clearly of a special nature in that it essentially involves the provision of emergency assistance to help people in times of crisis with a view to enabling people to secure long term accommodation in the community. It is not appropriate for legislation on rights of accommodation to apply to crisis accommodation because of its special nature.