building terms j


Linings of internal door or window openings.


Side surfaces of an opening in a wall. (See also 'REVEAL'.)


A door which is flush with the wall and usually disguised in the general decorations of the wall.


Doors, windows, cupboards, manufactured in a joiner's shop.


Junction of similar or dissimilar materials.

Flush: See 'FLUSHJOINT'.

Raked: A joint in which the mortar is raked out to a required depth.

Recessed: See 'JOINT, Sunken'.

Ruled: See 'JOINT, Sunken'.

Sleeved or Slip: A joint formed when one pipe is fitted into another, e.g. lengths of sheet metal downpipe (Plumbingg term).

Slip: A joint between two members formed by a loose tongue inserted into grooves in the members (Carpentry term).

Struck: A mortar joint finished with a trowel with a slight inclination either downwards or upwards ana outwards. (lf the bottom edge is cut with a trowel it is known as a 'struck and cut' joint(

Sunken: A joint in which the mortar is finished in recessed fashion with a round or squared pointing tool.

Sweated: A joint formed by the application of solder (tinning) to two metal surfaces, the surfaces then being placed together and joined by the application of heat to fuse the solder. On completion of the sweating, the ends of the joint are usually soldered.

Tongued and Grooved: A joint between boards where one has a groove and the other, a mating tongue.

Vee: The joint formed when the edges of two boards, whose edges are chamferred, are placed together.


Joint formed between lead pipes, using wiping metal or soft solder and a wiping cloth.


A short joist such as is used in ceiling construction associated with a hipped roof. These short joists are placed at right angles and secured to the first ceiling joist inwards from an external wall to facilitate the fixing of ceiling linings.


A metal stirrup used to support the ends of joists which are to be flush with the girder.


Timber members spanning between walls of other supports, to which the ceiling battens or ceiling is attached.

Floor: Timber members to which the flooring is fixed.

Trimming: See 'TRIMMER'.

JUNCTION, Oblique or Slope

Drainage fittings - a pie with a branch set at an angle.

Square: A pipe with a branch set at 90.


An plastic box or casing by which electrical conduit branches are joined