building plans - abbreviations

AC asbestos cement

AC alternating current

Ag Pipe agricultural pipe

BA building area

BC bayonet cap

BC bituminous concrete

BL building line

BM bench mark

BR bedroom

BT boundary tap

BV brick veneer

CAC corrugated asbestos cement

CBD central business district

C/C centre to centre


CGI corrugated galvanised iron

CI cast iron

CIPE cast iron porcelain enamelled

CISP cast iron soil pipe

CL centre line

CP chromium plated

D dressed

DC direct current

DAR dressed all round

DH double hung

D1SD1E dressed 1 side dressed 1 edge

DP downpipe

DPC damp proof course

DR dining room

DT disconnector tap

EBS experimental building station

EC earth closet

EV educt vent

EWP earthenware pipe

FECA fully enclosed covered area

FL&B framed, ledged and braced

FP fibrous plaster

FSL finished surface level

G gauge

G gully

GBA gross building area

GDT gully disconnector tap

GPO general purpose power outlet – see combination switch & plug socket.

GFA gross floor area

GI galvanised iron

GV ground vent

GWI galvanised wrought iron

HW hardwood

HWS hot water system

IDO interim development order

IL invert level

IO inspection opening

IV induct vent

KDHW kiln dried hardwood - “kiln dried” = kiln dried & reconditioned

Kit kitchen

L&B ledged & braced

LDY laundry

LP light point

LP liquified petroleum gas or LPG

LR living room

MEN multiple earthed neutral system

MS mild steel

NBA net building area

NCRB national committee on rationalised building

NP nickel plated

NPWC national public works conference

NRA net rentable area

NTS not to scale

OB ordinary building hardwood or off the bench hardwood (sawbench)

OB oblique branch

PC prime cost

PE porcelain enamel

PGI plain galavanised iron

PP power point

PVC polyvinyl chloride

QUAD quadrant

RC reinforced concrete

RE round edge

RER round edge return

RG red gum

RL reduced level

ROW right of way – type of easement

SAA standards association of australia

SP soil pipe

SPD stoneware pipe drain or soil pipe drain

SS stainless steel

ST silt trap

SV stop valve

SVP soil vent pipe

SWD stormwater drain

TC terra cotta

T&G tongued and grooved

UCA unenclosed covered area

UFA usable floor area

Ver verandah

VJ V jointed

VRI (VIR) vulcanised rubber insulated

WBD weatherboard

WC water closet

WI wrought iron

WM washing machine

WR wardrobe

ZA zinc annealed