accidental breakage - insurance

Under a typical home buildings policy, the insurer will replace or pay the cost of replacing any of the following items which suffer loss or damage because of:

* one of the listed events
* accidental damage.

This cover is available if: 

* the item was not already damaged.
* the break is through the entire thickness of the item, and
* the item belongs to you.

Under a typical policy as part of the sum insured, the insurer will pay for: 

* glass in a window, skylight or door which forms part of your home.
* glass in a permanent lighting fixture and reconnection of electrical components.
* a glass or ceramic cooktop or oven door.
* a glass surround in a balcony or pool fence.
* a fixed bath, sink, hand basin or basin in a vanity unit.
* a sanitary or toilet fixture
* a shower screen
* an acrylic or fibreglass shower base.